What should I wear for my Smear Test?


What should I wear for my Smear Test?

A Smear Test (also known as a Cervical Screening) is an important test to assess the health of the cervix to help prevent cervical cancer. It’s offered to women and people with a cervix aged 25 to 64. It is one of the most crucial preventative tests for protecting and ensuring women’s health. A smear test is not a test for cancer but rather a test to help prevent cancer. A common question that many people face before one of these tests is “What should I wear for my Smear Test?” We will address this issue in this blog.

During a smear test, a small sample of cells is taken from the cervix to be tested for certain types of human papillomavirus (HPV). The cells that they are looking for are classed as “high-risk” types of HPV which can change the surrounding cells of the cervix. Due to the requirements of the test, intimate areas of your body need to be accessed by the healthcare team.

Sometimes, paper sheets to cover yourself with before and during the examination are provided but this is not always the case. You are entitled to bring an extra towel to cover you up a bit more if you would like. Currently, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust advises people to wear a skirt or dress. This is because it helps women feel more covered during the test, just needing to take off their underwear (Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust). While this may help, wearing a dress doesn’t prevent accidental brushing against the bare leg or genital area.

While dresses and an extra towel may be an option for some, there are many people for whom these options would not make the prospect of going for a smear test any less embarrassing. Not everyone is comfortable wearing a dress for many reasons. These could include lacking confidence, not fitting with their fashion style or religious modesty. Some women have said they have missed a smear test because they haven’t shaved their legs which dresses or an extra towel would not provide any help for. The idea of having a test performed under your dress may also be an uncomfortable thought for some. This is where HapiLegs comes in. All of the issues mentioned here are seriously addressed by bringing HapiLegs to your next smear test.

Our HapiLegs come with a QR code on their packaging which the nurse or doctor can scan to explain why you want to wear the trousers during the smear test. HapiLegs are the best choice for preserving dignity, and modesty and limiting any embarrassment. The HapiLegs offer a simple, single-use solution that benefits from a discreet dual-folding mechanism. This ensures a double level of protection, reducing the risk of intimate exposure.

Are you still asking yourself “What should I wear for my Smear Test?” If you are still not convinced on how great Hapilegs are, read some comments from women who have purchased Hapilegs, here. If you would like to purchase a pair of our Hapilege, click here.

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