For every pair of trousers sold, a donation will be made to Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust charity, to increase awareness of the importance of cervical screenings.


How we are empowering women -our story.

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Unlike most companies, our story didn’t start with a product. Our founder El recognised the barriers faced by many women who have to go for potentially lifesaving diagnostic procedures, after experiencing a horrible and degrading experience herself from initial screening and treatment. So, she decided to make a change and Equalita Healthcare was created with the one goal, to improve privacy and safeguarding, lessen health inequalities and reduce barriers to attendance.

Our strongest asset is a shared vision and the determination to achieve it. We want to empower women, so they have a say in their healthcare.  There’s no doubt the smear test has a bad reputation - and the word "smear" doesn't exactly sell the procedure. Nearly 80% of those that miss their appointment do so because of embarrassment or they’re worried that it might hurt.

We’ve heard stories from all over the country about how embarrassed and undignified women have felt when they’ve been asked to strip naked from the waist down to have their smear test. We really believe that this is not okay anymore and we want to make a change. Culture, religion, or a history of sexual abuse can also make it difficult for a woman, or person with a cervix, to have the test. The trousers became a reality with the help of the amazing gynaecological team at Diana, The Princess of Wales Hospital, North Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals NHS FT, where the initial prototypes were trialled.

They have been designed to make you feel comfortable and in control.

We are Loved By our WOMEN

What do you say?

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“Within my community, it is not acceptable to talk about these things openly. My husband knows I don't like to attend appointments for cervical smear tests, but we are not comfortable having the conversation about why. If we knew there was some protection out there and some dignity when we go to appointments, there wouldn't be so much shame attached with the process.”

-Jasmin H.

“We have needed a product like this for a very long time. Not only can it make our jobs easier, but it can make a real difference to coverage of the screening programme. So many times, we have seen cases where patients are uncomfortable or undignified, exposed or vulnerable. We see the daily need for this product.”

-Consultant - Obstetrics and Gynaecology.


It’s the most common cancer in women under 35.

How will make
a difference?

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    Boost confidence

    Make you feel empowered and in control. Has been described as a ‘game changer’ for women.

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    Clinically tested

    Developed and tested in hospitals and GP surgeries, the trousers won’t let you down.

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    The material is strong and soft for contact with skin and intimate areas.

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